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Ready for a website that brings results?

It's completely possible to have a website that does the work for you so you can spend more time doing what you're best at. No matter what your end goal is, we're here to help.

What if you could jumpstart your online presence without the stress 

of doing it all yourself?

What if you could build the website of your dreams 

without sinking a ton of time or money into it?


It would feel pretty awesome, wouldn't it? 

I have some awesome news!

We can help you reach all of those goals without breaking the bank. Having an amazing online presence doesn't have to be stressful! ​Let us help you reach your goals with lightning speed.

We've Helped...


We've helped over 50 (and growing) Small Businesses define, build, and grow their brand identity.


We've designed over 700 (and constantly growing) different graphic design projects for our clients!


We've helped over 76 (and growing) Small Businesses build the website and online presence of their dreams.

When you work with us you get...

A team that works with you personally to build and create whatever you need.

A direct line of communication through an airtable personalized just for you.

Professional direction and recommendations throughout every step of the process.

​Ownership of your website and assets once the process is complete.

Want a professional, tailored web design that will perfectly fit your needs and represent your brand? We've got your back.

Elevate Your Online Presence

At Designed by Kelly, we don't believe in using cookie cutter templates.

The truth is, one size doesn't always fit all. We'll work together to help you find your unique style and building the online presence you've always dreamed of!

Here's what our clients say!

A blue faded dot, accenting the ultimate website audit checklist spread above it.

Grab Your Free Copy of the
Ultimate Website Audit Checklist Today!

A layout spread of the pages of Designed by Kelly's Ultimate Website Audit Checklist e-book.

Put your best foot forward!

You deserve the website of your dreams.

Learn the ins and outs of quarterly and yearly website maintenance!

The Ultimate Website Audit Checklist

Ready to take the next step?

Let us help you jumpstart your online presence and schedule a free discovery call today. Let's work together and make your dreams a reality!

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